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Victim saw perpetrator's family members on FaceBook.

Alum's second major gift to the university.

Heading to jail for running a meth lab in his apartment.

Heath Knotts and Taylor Washington were brought in Thursday 

An undercover operation led to the arrest of Tony Boling

Thanks to a lease-purchase agreement, 22 vehicles will rotation in and out of the fleet

Firefighers were called out early Thursday morning. 

What started out as a boy scout project turned into a 13 year relationship with a WWII veteran from Osage.

Group plans to escort Oklahoma alumni to the game.

Cornerback allegedly grabbed a woman by the throat and shoved her to the floor.

Police have arrested a 52-year-old man involved in an altercation Tuesday evening. 

WVU plays host to #4 Oklahoma this weekend and that could make for a long night for police. 

Construction B & O taxes are up while general B & O taxes are down.

The commission will seek new appraisals on certain parcels

Robert Greer will take the helm

Westover Mayor Dave Johnson says the incident in question did not involve any police brutality. 

Suspect arrested after crashing into a dumpster.

Adjustments at Blue Lot made to better accommodate fans.

Pedestrian safety by the Coliseum is a concern.

"When you take out somebody like that, it's the equivalent of taking out ten or more street-level drug dealers."

The land included is mainly in Upper and Lower Dog Run

This is Charles Ware's second offense of this nature

The ordinance to send an application to the home rule board passed on first reading

Chief U.S. District Judge John Preston Bailey presided

U.S. District Judge Irene M. Keeley presided over each case

Thomas Cueto faces up to 10 years in prison