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Terri Cutright, Executive Director of Main Street Morgantown, says the partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and added events this year, Saturday, November 29 could bring larger crowds.

"People are shopping again.  They're actually shopping smarter.  They're looking for more sales right now.  So we are on the path to promoting all of our stores' big sales," said Sarah Shaffer, Morgantown Mall Marketing Manager.

Timothy Boram will serve five months in prison and three years of supervised release

Victor Herrera will serve an additional 12 month

Matthew Vanhorn, Megan Counts and Charles Counts all received jail time

"There's so much damage, and there's hot spots underneath we probably won't get to," said Jim Bowers, Cheat Lake fireman.

The 1st Dirstrict Congressman says it is purely politics. 

Aliyiah Hancock was killed in a crash near her hometown in Ohio on Saturday. 

Crews responded to the scene on Chevy Drive early Saturday morning

The hearing is scheduled for December 16-19 in Bridgeport

Rodolfo Villagomez Correa will be sentenced on Jan. 13 on second degree murder and conspiracy to murder

Kwaku Akomah is accused of using a government issued fuel card for his personal vehicles

Reginald Teasley was found in possession of heroin while in Clarksburg

Eight individuals received their punishments for various crimes in Elkins 

The percentage of students completing high school in the county is now up to 81.8 percent

Mario Blount will be sentenced February 3 on three federal drug charges

Eric Holt faces 20 years in prison while Terry Sutter faces five years in prison

Stephanie Furner and Rodney Swiger face up to 20 years in prison

Pre-K through fifth grade walked into the facility for the first time since damages rendered the school unsafe in July

The program guides from diagnosis to the end of treatment

Jake Reger, the currenty county prosecutor, won his bid to become a judge in the 26th Judicial Circuit

The Saturday afternoon blaze occured in the community of Rock Cave

Juanita Farnsworth will spend 37 months in jail for distributing oxycodone within the community

Justin Yoak and Caleb Hart are charged with felony possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine

The seminar aimed to educate attendees on how to care for loved ones at home

Ennis Payne was convicted of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit burglary

James Ash faces up to 20 years in prison