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Patrick Kovalck will represent Ward III and Travis Blosser will assume his new role Jan. 1

Each year, West Virginia University police recommend safety tips for students leaving town. The advice serves a dual purpose as it's beneficial for Morgantown residents who also plan to travel over the holidays.

Leslie Fields, 41 of Morgantown, died from multiple stab wounds to his head.


“We’re in a strong position to be able to go out and recruit, be thoughtful about it, be as quick as we possibly can, but also not make a mistake,” said E. Gordon Gee.

Christopher Walls received at least four years to go on top of a sentence already being served on a different crime

"The Division of Highways is already working on the intersection coming off of 7 onto Greenbag Road which badly needs redone.  And then, with our MPO, we're working on improvements to Greenbag Road that would help both the residents of that area and the trucking companies," said Jenny Selin, mayor of Morgantown.

Richard Allen Workman was reported missing on Saturday

Luck’s departure from WVU is effective January 15.  

The potential legislation would reclassify breweries and their licensing fees based on production, easing the burden on smaller operations

"It is sort of the end of the ward and boundaries process as far as setting those boundaries so that we can begin our election," said Mayor Jenny Selin.

They would help students one-on-one in areas in which they struggle

Timothy Cavender and Holly Myers were indicted by a federal grand jury Tuesday

Arthur Pritt is accused of bringing marijuana to Northern West Virginia and then selling it

West Virginia State Police and the US Marshals Service discovered Charles D. Blackwell moved to West Virginia and did not update his sex offender registration as required by law.

Kanawha County Circuit Court Judge Joanna Tabit made the ruling Tuesday afternoon.

Tyler Carpenter was arrested Monday after allegedly injuring a child Friday

"I would expect a good contingent of Mountaineers to be in attendance on the 29th," said Matt Wells, the Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs at WVU.

Representatives from the state Higher Education Policy Commission were on hand to answer questions

Shawn White and Christina Kimble pleaded guilty Monday

Cherise Jones, Larry Clelland and Robin Jackson all recieved sentences Monday

Crews responded to the scene Monday afternoon

Says it is trying to cut costs and keep the recycling program afloat. 

As of Monday afternoon, 13 warrants had been issued

One of the reasons it's not too late is because the flu usually peaks sometime between January and March,” said  Ted Krafcyk.

"We have a guide to the Liberty Bowl.  It'll take the fans to all the activities for the bowl and around the city that will be taking place," said Kevin Kane, the President and CEO Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Michael Tillman will take over for Bruce Carter in April

Jim Stallings will have brain surgery later this month. 

Employers agreed to pay $4,498,547 in back wages to 5,310 employees

With the help of DNA evidence and the Innocence Project, Joe Buffey believes he can prove his innocence

The program shot footage at IGS Energy's station in Bridgeport on Tuesday