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Charles Abrams, Jr. will spend one year and one day in jail

Bill to Morgantown totals over $45,000

Sidney Muller is now scheduled to stand trial begining April 13th

Williams and Kurcaba guests on Morgantown AM.

With the help of funding from the county commission, the is planned for next week

President Gordon Gee says students will be held accountable for behavior following WVU-Baylor football game.

Antonio Whitehead and Brian Carnegie will serve an additional six months in prison after being caught with heroin

The three victims died as a result of a crash with a fire engine

James Robinson is alleged to have had sex with a minor multiple times while serving with the VFD

Tobias Bennett encouraged two potential witnesses not to testify at a fellow inmate's court hearing

Fifty-two and a half bricks --just over 2,600 doses-- of heroin were prevented from reaching the streets

Faces up to 45 years in prison.

Fourteen of the 18 people arrested or cited so far are WVU students. 

Candidates visit Morgantown AM.

The 10-day early voting period began Wednesday. 

Says University must accept full responsibility for riotous behavior following football game.

Council did not want to move forward with the $4 fee for residents

John Pinke and Edward Crow recieved their addition prision time Tuesday

No injuries reported.

Judge Wilfong's attorney: She was seduced and should only be suspended for 60 days 

Explusions are coming for students involved in weekend riots.

James Robinson will serve four more months while Dominick Jordan will serve three more months

MUB General Manager Tim Ball testified to lawmakers that the PSC can often hamper projects. 

Dustin Moore will spend four months in prison

Clovis McCoy is scheduled to be sentenced on December 8

University and community officals met Monday to discuss how to identify and punish suspects

Walter Smith was taken in by Fairmont Police